WOD: 6-8-12

Thank you all!

Strength: Clean Pull

1×5 70%
1×4 80%
1×2 90%
1×1 103%

WOD: 5 rounds for time of:

3 Power Cleans and Jerks (185/125)
3 Reverse Wall Climb


RWC are hard to do, but very easy to scale.  Cleans are heavy, but very easy to scale.  Either which way you do this workout, it should not be a long one (or even a medium one).  However, in order to make this a good workout, you will have  to challenge yourself.  Doing the RWC to a level with which you are comfortable won’t prove much.  Doing the Power Cleans at a weight that you can string together without issue, will have little of the desired effect.  This workout is in your hands, so you can walk out of the gym today with a glass that is half empty or half I-kicked-ass.

Dear Clean Pulls,

No one could ever remember what you were.  You were confused for another move all the time.  Generally, you were not very well understood.  The only good thing is that you will have the last laugh.  For those who took you seriously, properly doing a Clean (Power or Squat) will come with much more ease.  The timing and dynamics that you taught will separate those who want 10 more lbs. on their lifts from those who have them.

Like a Deadlift, only better,




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